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Patty Bezzio, 1945 - 1998 Senior, Class of '63 Richland Bomber ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday, December 1, 2000 (Gilbert, Arizona) A private memorial ceremony was held today at Picacho Peak, located near the Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway between Casa Grande and Tucson, Arizona, in loving memory of Patty Bezzio, Col-Hi class of 1963.
Attending was a single mourner, David Douglas. He was Patty’s first date, they shared together their first romantic kiss, and he has always considered her his high school sweetheart and the first genuine love of his life.
Following the reading of verses from Psalm 51, a prayer of confession and petition for forgiveness, a dozen blue balloons (to remind her of his eyes) were released into a blue and white misty Arizona sky.
The service concluded with music, ‘Seemann, deine Heimat ist das Meer’ by Lolita, their favorite song commemorating their meeting in German class. A single long stemmed red rose was left at the site.”
Pictures from the 1962 Columbian LEFT: Vice President of Quill & Scroll; RIGHT: Thespians Pictures from the 1963 Columbian LEFT: National Honor Society; CENTER: Quill & Scroll; RIGHT: Thespians